Study finds correlation between nitrates from agricultural fertilizers in drinking water and an increased risk of colorectal cancer

(Natural News) Nitrates found in drinking water and groundwater may increase the risk of colorectal cancer. The study, which appeared in the International Journal of Cancer, traced back the source of the nitrates to agricultural production and identified the correlation between the two factors. Researchers posited that nitrate

Herbs for the male reproductive system

(Natural News) There are many studies that explore the ins and outs of the female reproductive system, and the natural remedies used traditionally against its related health issues. In contrast, male reproductive issues have not been explored as extensively. Herbalist and ethnobotanist David Winston, whose training spanned

Does your bugout bag contain a medical kit?

(Natural News) Keeping emergency medical supplies on hand for any possible life scenario is never a bad idea. But the contents of any medical kit are only as valuable as their organization and accessibility, not to mention the know-how of the user in effectively using these supplies

Bitter melon seed oil found to help fight obesity

(Natural News) Bitter melons contain a lot of health benefits despite its acrid taste. In particular, the anti-obesity properties that bitter melon seed oil may be linked to changes in density in the hypothalamic spine, that is, the region connecting the hypothalamus and the spinal cord. The study, published

Biotech industry trying to eliminate all FDA regulation of genetically edited ranch animals by shifting authority to the USDA, which has totally sold out to Monsanto

(Natural News) Biotech companies that can genetically engineer farm animals to have “designer” characteristics – like cows without horns (yes, cows really are supposed to have horns) – can make a whole lot of money selling these animals to farmers. Unfortunately for them, farm animals are regulated