When Discussion of a Crime Becomes a Crime

When Discussion of a Crime Becomes a Crime
The horrific disregard for human rights displayed by Israel in dealing with unarmed Palestinian protestors was on full display for the world to witness this past month. Thousands of men, women and children who were protesting 60 years of grotesque mistreatment at

The connection between humans and salt

(Natural News) Salt occupies an important – hallowed, even – place in human culture, history, health, and diet, according to an article in GreenMedInfo.com. In fact, cardiovascular researcher Dr. James DiNicolantonio argues that we need to increase the amount of salt in our diet. In his recent

DIY natural bleach alternative

(Natural News) You might want to skip the store-bought bleach if you’re looking for effective cleaning products. Most store-bought bleaches contain harmful chemicals. They may even contain toxins that can damage the environment. Try this easy recipe for a natural bleach alternative instead. You can use it