NET NEUTRALITY is a total scam by liberty-crushing leftists: The real censorship of the internet is already being carried out by Google, Facebook and Twitter

(Natural News) Many people are getting all bent out of shape over a newly proposed reversal of so-called “net neutrality” laws that were put into place during the Obama administration to “keep the internet open and free.” But Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai says that the

Matt Lauer becomes latest Left-wing media personality to be outed for sexual misconduct: These monsters and perverts are the “champions of women”?

(Natural News) Another day, another Leftist in the “mainstream” media outed for being a sexual monster and pervert. This time it’s the former co-host of NBC’s “Today” show, Matt Lauer. The network fired him late Tuesday after allegations surfaced that he engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior in

Vaccines: “Just get your damn shots”

(Natural News) The title above is a verbatim quote taken from any number of seriously uninformed TV physicians, paid trolls and paid celebrities as they have gleefully joined the popular CDC, WHO, AAP, AAFP and AMA-sponsored campaigns that have denigrated (and therefore infuriated) the witnesses of the